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What to Do if a Girl Lacks My Friendliness

A few girls will ask me where I live. If they are curious about a country I haven't been to yet, then maybe I am an expat. I also have some Mexican friends who are friends with the people I have been dating since I was little and we all travel the world together. The other day, one of the girls was at the movies with the other two. One of them went into the theater and was really happy to see the movie because of the fact that I had her number. She wanted to talk to me, but I told her to go home and meet her friends. She seemed so happy and was super sweet to me. One of her friends came up to me and said that I was really cute, and I really hope she dates me soon!

What's your go-to-pick-up method?

If you are dating a girl from Mexico, pick up the phone, call her, go to a bar and talk to her. The only thing you have to do is get her number, get her talking and try not to be annoying at any given time. If you don't have a girl in mind, or you are on vacation, go back to her place to meet up.

Is there any specific Mexican girl you wish you knew before you met her?

As far as specific Mexican girls go, I think I would have loved to know how to cook some tacos and a little something else in the kitchen. I like the Mexican food because I can have fun and not feel pressured to order something.

Any tips for meeting people?

Always talk to her, and make sure she wants to be a friend. Just be a good guy, and say "I like you" right away. You know, don't act like an asshole and show no feelings. You don't have to be a total cockblock like that, you just have to be able to be yourself, and to not say something you aren't really happy with.

What kind of friends are you with?

I'm really not too keen on people having to give me their phone numbers if they want to make friends. People can go all out on a first date and then try to turn it into something else if they feel like they're being put down by their date. It doesn't really work that way, so I try to go with people who I'm comfortable with. I like to meet new people on a first date because I don't know if they're the type of person to make me feel like I'm not a good enough person to be in the same room with them.

You like to hang out with other people. How do you deal with people not being cool around you?

Well, you know the saying: Don't trust a friend of a friend. I don't always take it to that extreme, but I think people who are friends of friends tend to be the ones who aren't going to say anything. The only person I don't trust is myself. I have no confidence in my abilities to be a good friend. I'd rather spend my time hanging out with my friends and learning things from them, than to spend my time with people who are not good friends, or are just annoying.

What do you think is the best way to meet women from Mexico?

I would say go to Mexico, because it's really close to where you live, and people will just want to talk to you. I'm pretty sure that Mexico has some of the best women there in the world. My current girlfriend and I are both from my country, but she comes to the US and I come to Mexico. I love that we are very close, and we do a lot of things together, like eat a lot of Mexican food. I like to tell my friends, "If we ever met someone who loved Mexican food as much as we do, that person would marry us right then and there." We have this special bond. I think there's something about that feeling that you're being with someone who is just as passionate about their culture and their love of their people as you are.

If I were going to travel the world and meet all the girls I would do my best to date only from my country. I feel that I am the one who can get to know the girls better and tell them about my life. So, there are people I would like to meet in my country, but I would not meet them because I am not from their country.

Why? Because I don't want to waste time or money with someone who doesn't like my life. I am from a country that is known for being so open and accepting. And as a girl from the US, I feel like I need to be respectful to my country. I am not that girl. I am not the type of girl who only likes to date guys from her country, I don't have the patience or the patience of a normal girl. My problem is that girls who date in Mexico don't seem to understand what it's like to not be loved. Let's go back to my story. I moved to Mexico about 4 years ago with the intention of finding my true love. I knew that Mexico would be a great place for me to meet someone new and have them fall in love with me. I found the perfect person who I love. We fell in love. I had a great relationship with her for a few months. I went on trips with her and her parents and she helped me take care of my parents, my siblings and my parents' kids.